Digital Marketing the IKF way

Given the penetration of the internet today and its eventual application in the future, the role that the virtual world plays in driving business is gigantic. Having stated this, it would be an understatement to say that investing in digital marketing is prudent. Whether to have a global reach or to direct prospects towards your website, an online presence helps you to achieve your goal.

I Knowledge Factory (iKF) has mastered the science of digital marketing ages ago. At iKF, we understand that an effective digital marketing strategy entails SEO services, social media marketing, internet marketing & research services, PPC / paid inclusion and internet campaigns.

SEO Services: Our SEO experts ensure that your website catches the attention of online users. We provide you services like keyword research, link building, article submission, interlinking, meta-tags generation, and lots more to bring your website to the first page of major search engines.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Our team of highly skilled professionals understands your business and come up with an effective strategy tailor-made just for you. Our online marketing plan helps to enhance your reputation in some of the top social media websites.

Internet Marketing & Research Services: Our experts survey the market and come up with the best alternatives for you to gain an advantage over your competitors in online marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services: We craft PPC advertisements that lure the audience to visit your website and thus generate quality traffic to your website.

Internet Campaigns: We offer a wide range of services to give you an edge over your competitors and enhance your brand image. We facilitate thorough research and analysis while being keeping a tab on your competitors and their activities.

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The Basics of Web Designing

There is much more to designing a website than technical aspects such as coding and new layouts. In order to create a successful and profitable website, a proper plan must be designed and executed.

A website is the virtual window of your business. The first step while planning for the website design is to determine the aspects that can be viewed on the webpage. Based on your requirement you can create a website to build your brand name, provide an online application or sell your products and services. After deciding on the purpose of your website, you can go ahead and design a website based on your business goal. There are several well-known companies that provide web design services. Mentioned below are some pointers that will assist you in choosing the best design for your website.

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  • Designing the Site Based on Your Purpose
    Before designing a website, you should determine the budget, so that you don’t have to spend a lot. Also determine if your website will be a long term or a short-term project to promote your business or product. In long-term webpage, you may have to design places to allow new content and updates to go into the site. On the other hand, in short-term strategy, you just need to make sure that the website contains all the necessary information. Based on your site’s preference the designer should be informed of the site’s design and purpose, accordingly.
  • Incorporating Your Marketing Strategy
    While designing incorporate details of your marketing strategy such as your target audience and planned method to promote the website. Once the site has been designed, include the codes and keywords that will help improve your website’s ranking.
  • Clean and Captivating Layout
    Your website’s layout should reflect your business strategy and be user-friendly. It should be designed to attract your target audience. Keeping your website simple which has easy navigation and is usable for the viewers will garner more users. Having a sitemap will make it easier for users to navigate through your site, in case you are planning on a larger site. You can also incorporate responsive website designing techniques to make your website more attractive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a good strategy that can be used while designing a website. This will help direct traffic to your website and enhance your ranking in search engines.

These were some methods that should be kept in mind in order to direct maximum traffic to your website. Responsive website designing is the current trend, these days to create attractive websites. You can also use social media strategy to drive traffic to your site.