All roads lead to the web

Have you tried every marketing mix to boost your business except go online? Welcome to the game changing, performance marketing of going online.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing, also more commonly known as Internet Marketing refers to the use of internet by businesses for their marketing activities to reach out to their consumers. Think of all the marketing measures you often come across on the web like email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, display advertisements or mobile advertising. These are all forms of online marketing. In a broader sense, online marketing can be classified in three sub-categories –  Web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

If you are a business, your primary focus is to use the various online marketing activities to result in a significant increase in the web traffic to your page. This is precisely what an online marketing company with their many expert services would help you achieve. The increase in web traffic doesn’t usually mandate a proportionate increase in sales. The mannerism in which a visitor is prompted to navigate to your page plays a significant part in lead conversion. The smaller nuances like this is the difference between making a sale, gaining a potential new customer or losing out on them.

IKF is one of India’s best online marketing company situated in Pune. With offices in Pune, Bangalore and even Adelaide, it is the epitome of a global digital company. If you have realized that online marketing services are crucial for your business’ success and are clueless on how to go about its implementation, you may want to reach out to any of the IKF offices. If you are still contemplating the reasons why you should make the move, here are a few more reasons why to lay your trust on IKF:

  • For assessing your online presence
  • With over 13 years of experience in understanding online business
  • Over a 1000+ (and counting) happy customers served all over the world
  • Effective online strategies that result in quality lead capture
  • Unique expertise in important facets of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Management & SEO consultancy services
  • Customized solution for your unique requirements

Clickable markets

 Get it right with content marketing
Can you attract, engage and retain your customers just by educating them? Communication is an integral aspect of marketing and what better way to effectively communicate with your users than by providing them with relevant and valuable content. This informational exchange will help the online marketers stand in good stead. Be it a successful social media marketing drive backed with great content or making new strides with your quality content in the  SEO  realm or using effective pay-per-click campaigns, content marketing is crucial to improving your online marketing presence. And, no one understands that better than IKF, the premier internet marketing services provider in Pune.

Board the social media bandwagon
The widespread reliance of people on social media as a communication channel has paved new doorways for the marketers. As businesses, you can now engage in conversations with your customers and not just broadcast your message. Every brand is now focusing on its social media campaign that is aimed at increasing their brand’s visibility and drive more brand awareness. Social media optimization (SMO) in a broad sense caters to creating online content which is shared across the wide gamut of social networks. It is rapidly rising the ranks to become one of the most sought after internet marketing service. We, at IKF understand that the pulse of this is a viral content which will be easily shareable and rope in many more new users to your page.

Know the nuances of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization is the bridge between you and your targeted users. Without SEO, you’d be blindsided by your potential users. SEO ensures that your website is visible on a search engine’s organic (unpaid) search results. It’s a continual process of molding your website to reflect in the search rankings for certain key phrases. The end result is that your website is more visible and more frequently visited by your targeted customers.

These measures listed above form just the crux of all internet marketing services. How you zero in on the perfect mix and use it to your benefit will script your online success story.

Your Web Essentials

Change is inevitable! Media, in its essence has come a long way and has been constantly evolving in its approach to the audience.

Since its inception, media has been gradually altering with the changes in society. Mass media on a whole is a dais for recognizing and portraying the entire institution of our society which is structured on economic classes and lifestyles, commerce and technology, culture and religion. Online media represents a collective intellect of the human society and its changes from time to time, some for the better and some for worse. The society in general is inevitably attached to marketing media with online networking becoming a lifestyle for individuals and a necessity of sorts. Business setups today have a parallel existence through their social presence on the internet which defines them and almost everything that can possibly imbibe onto a commercial network. Advertising, communications and networking are the order of the day and it was never this easy to promote yourself and gain recognition as an individual or an entity.

IKF, a website development company based in Pune, is host to a diverse range of digital solutions and has delivered creative and successful social media and web design projects to over 600 prospective clients over the years. With more than a decade of successful experience in web design and solutions, we render exclusive Management Consulting which helps you render effective business strategies for programs enabled by creative web design. Our strong team of consultants oversee the process of marketing, sales and support services.  A well structured website today is an essential for the potential growth of an enterprise. Firms today are opting for numerous online marketing and promotion strategies. Acquiring a strong online presence is the order of the day. Most importantly online marketing and advertising are steady mediums of reaching out to the masses and how! At IKF, we take the road less travelled and through our experience we have come to realize the following perquisites of web development:


Brand Value

A major setback that concerns most of the firms these days is the amount of competition they face on an online portal. The establishment of a brand value plays a significant role in voicing the first impression of the product across to the consumer. An ideal web design and marketing plan involves all the technicalities of web design with a blend of exclusivity to it. Brand evaluation, in its essence should establish a precise understanding over what sets you apart from your better halves. The tone and vibe of the content should resonate and sync relevantly with the consumer in a structured and relevant way.

Content Requirement, Blogs and Optimization:

A large part of our work involves observing, questioning and interpreting the overall business sentiment of the product and bringing it into shape with consumer awareness and credibility.CMS or content management system plays a significant role in imbibing your requirements across to the consumer effectively and uphold the value of your product or brand online. To engage the consumers qualitatively the presence of a blog holds utmost importance and boosts your overall brand credibility vociferously. Apart from enhancing search optimization, a blog compliments a breakaway from the stagnant brand stigma and most importantly doubles up by adding character as a vocal platform for a business which the consumer can relate too. The technical advantages of hosting a blog include a stable communication platform, channeling quality content through multiple social media platforms, real time analytics and in filtering the prospective consumers.

Web Development

Every architect needs a prior sketched plan before he starts with the construction, similarly, we work on engineering the structure of your website in creative accordance to your requirements before proceeding to work on your site. Ideally, a website should reflect the nature of your business and we help in providing you with the correct professional touch for effective navigation, web design and layout. Responsive web design has given way to a lot of changes in the design industry. There is more to  responsive web designing than just arranging the layout. The design should be such that it does not affect the website when viewed in different browsers and screens. Much has been debated in creating a reactive website design, one has to decipher ways to develop the best responsive website. No matter what the industry is, a website plays a crucial role in garnering new customers. From small businesses to large corporations, a good website is the right tool to make a lasting impression on the clients. It is quite essential to have an attractive, functional, and intuitive web presence to stay ahead in competition.

Connect with us and sit back and observe the presence of your business take a steady shape online. To know more,  do have a look at our blog on and visit our website at 

Digital Marketing the IKF way

Given the penetration of the internet today and its eventual application in the future, the role that the virtual world plays in driving business is gigantic. Having stated this, it would be an understatement to say that investing in digital marketing is prudent. Whether to have a global reach or to direct prospects towards your website, an online presence helps you to achieve your goal.

I Knowledge Factory (iKF) has mastered the science of digital marketing ages ago. At iKF, we understand that an effective digital marketing strategy entails SEO services, social media marketing, internet marketing & research services, PPC / paid inclusion and internet campaigns.

SEO Services: Our SEO experts ensure that your website catches the attention of online users. We provide you services like keyword research, link building, article submission, interlinking, meta-tags generation, and lots more to bring your website to the first page of major search engines.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Our team of highly skilled professionals understands your business and come up with an effective strategy tailor-made just for you. Our online marketing plan helps to enhance your reputation in some of the top social media websites.

Internet Marketing & Research Services: Our experts survey the market and come up with the best alternatives for you to gain an advantage over your competitors in online marketing.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services: We craft PPC advertisements that lure the audience to visit your website and thus generate quality traffic to your website.

Internet Campaigns: We offer a wide range of services to give you an edge over your competitors and enhance your brand image. We facilitate thorough research and analysis while being keeping a tab on your competitors and their activities.

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