An ambient way to get noticed

If your website doesn’t reflect in the first page search results on Google, Bing, yahoo and other search engines, it is quite possible that your potential customers wouldn’t even know that your business even exists.

A good search engine visibility is crucial to getting more prominent brand awareness, increasing more customers to your website and effectively increasing sales. But if you lack the time or the expertise required to increase your website’s search engine ranking, you can always choose the services of a SEO consultancy. Choosing the right seo consultant will lend a positive impact on your search ranking, especially in conversions and in gaining new audiences to your website.

The strategies implemented by a SEO consultancy within a measurable and feasible time frame will form the crux of your SEO campaign. Your website becomes more organized and functional in the process as the experts pat it down to find redundancies,  broken links and error pages. Often, “off page” SEO strategies are implemented too in conjunction to raise awareness of your content on other websites. This could be achieved through blogs, various social media platforms or by press releases.

The SEO requirements of a global conglomerate is different from that of a local business. Small companies want to be ranked among the top local search engine results whereas a global company wants to be listed among the more local and generic search alike. From both localized SEO to a global SEO offering, a SEO consultancy can help your small business attain a global perspective eventually.

There has been a sudden surge of requirements for a great SEO consultancy in Pune. With the city gradually becoming a major IT and manufacturing hub, these companies are looking for every differentiator to be visible to their consumers. Companies like IKF provide ethical SEO work to the companies all over the world.  A great SEO company provides its clients with long term results. They ensure that the focus is shifted from quantity i.e. random clicks to a qualified traffic that is more effective.

High ranks on major search engines like Google, etc. for particular and targeted keyword list notwithstanding, the hidden benefits of proper SEO consultancy also lies in a step towards marketplace dominance.


Importance Of Having a Website Checklist

SEO is the most talked about topic and most may be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of it. But there are still a lot of things that businesses need to concentrate on and avoid committing certain mistakes that can affect one’s website rating adversely. However before one sharpens one’s skills and understanding of Digital marketing its always good to follow some basic rules of website designing itself.

There may be several companies that provide SEO services in Pune, however not all excel in web designing and development. Out of the crowd, I-Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd is one such digital brandvertising company that specializes in various digital services. But since web designing has always been our core business we can never go wrong in the basics.

Just as SEO needs specialization and an SEO checklist; a similar principle for creating a website is followed here at IKF. Our competent team usually begin with a brainstorming session once we get the brief form the client. Most of the decisions on the basic look and feel and content strategy may happen at this time. One of the major contributor towards making a great website is great research. We do not proceed without a strong research where-in, we identify and recognize the best trends in the market and what needs to be done to make our clients website have a competitive edge over others.           

Defining the mood of the site at the initial stage, helps conceive the rest of the planning. The mood of the site helps decide whether the look and feel will be loud, corporate, minimalist, fun, funky etc. Colors and the overall aesthetic look of the site is decided at this stage. While deciding the layout and navigation of the site we always keep the target audience in mind.

Apart from the above, we define a specific work process and schedule that streamlines the entire project and helps us complete it well within deadlines. We always lay special emphasis on content management and consider it as one of the most important factors to make a website successful. After all the above factors fall in place, only then do we proceed with the execution.

Hence just like an SEO checklist for a website helps the SEO strategy and the results tremendously, a website design checklist assures that the end result is nothing less than the best.

The Real Wow Factor of a Website

The customer may be king, but he is a fickle one. Businesses all over, in every field face the same dilemma – how to entice new customers, and once tapped how to retain them. With the advent of modern technology, breaking the barriers associated with traditional markets has become simple. Customers are spoilt for choice with options too numerous to choose from.

E-commerce has taken marketing to the next level, carving a niche for itself. Digital marketing is now the next big thing in business. With an increasing number of Indians accessing the internet, the collective digital footprints are raking in huge opportunities for companies. After all, everything can now be done on the internet – right from booking tickets and making payments to online applications, petitions to the government, research, learning a new language, obtaining a degree, business transactions and the list keeps growing. It should then come as no surprise that the website is often the first impression of the company that the customer gets. As a result, companies spend a lot of their budget on digital marketing – as much as 2.5% of 2012 revenue as per US Digital Marketing Survey.

This is why a company’s website plays a key role in attracting customers. Customers judge a company based on the quality of their website, whether that’s fair or not. In a study referenced by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, 94% of the participants rejected or mistrusted a website based on its design! This clearly highlights the importance of website designing and development. Considering the importance of a well-designed website for the success of a business, we at I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd. pride ourselves at being one of the best web designing and development firms in India.

Since our inception in 2000, website designing has been our core business. We have been creating websites tailor-made to suit our clients’ requirements. We offer an array of services such as striking visuals, brand promotions, SEO consultancy, e-commerce solutions and lots more than one can imagine. We have helped more than 1000 enterprises in just a decade to radically boost their online business. Our creativity bursts at its seams as we diligently work on every aspect of the website like color, graphics, user-centered design, easy navigability and simplicity of design interaction, content, codes etc. After all, a website is the virtual representation of a company which builds a business and enhances its positive outlook.

When it comes to website designing and development, we leave no stone unturned and pull all stops to make your website effective in its outreach and aesthetically alluring. For more details, visit our website at