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Change is inevitable! Media, in its essence has come a long way and has been constantly evolving in its approach to the audience.

Since its inception, media has been gradually altering with the changes in society. Mass media on a whole is a dais for recognizing and portraying the entire institution of our society which is structured on economic classes and lifestyles, commerce and technology, culture and religion. Online media represents a collective intellect of the human society and its changes from time to time, some for the better and some for worse. The society in general is inevitably attached to marketing media with online networking becoming a lifestyle for individuals and a necessity of sorts. Business setups today have a parallel existence through their social presence on the internet which defines them and almost everything that can possibly imbibe onto a commercial network. Advertising, communications and networking are the order of the day and it was never this easy to promote yourself and gain recognition as an individual or an entity.

IKF, a website development company based in Pune, is host to a diverse range of digital solutions and has delivered creative and successful social media and web design projects to over 600 prospective clients over the years. With more than a decade of successful experience in web design and solutions, we render exclusive Management Consulting which helps you render effective business strategies for programs enabled by creative web design. Our strong team of consultants oversee the process of marketing, sales and support services.  A well structured website today is an essential for the potential growth of an enterprise. Firms today are opting for numerous online marketing and promotion strategies. Acquiring a strong online presence is the order of the day. Most importantly online marketing and advertising are steady mediums of reaching out to the masses and how! At IKF, we take the road less travelled and through our experience we have come to realize the following perquisites of web development:


Brand Value

A major setback that concerns most of the firms these days is the amount of competition they face on an online portal. The establishment of a brand value plays a significant role in voicing the first impression of the product across to the consumer. An ideal web design and marketing plan involves all the technicalities of web design with a blend of exclusivity to it. Brand evaluation, in its essence should establish a precise understanding over what sets you apart from your better halves. The tone and vibe of the content should resonate and sync relevantly with the consumer in a structured and relevant way.

Content Requirement, Blogs and Optimization:

A large part of our work involves observing, questioning and interpreting the overall business sentiment of the product and bringing it into shape with consumer awareness and credibility.CMS or content management system plays a significant role in imbibing your requirements across to the consumer effectively and uphold the value of your product or brand online. To engage the consumers qualitatively the presence of a blog holds utmost importance and boosts your overall brand credibility vociferously. Apart from enhancing search optimization, a blog compliments a breakaway from the stagnant brand stigma and most importantly doubles up by adding character as a vocal platform for a business which the consumer can relate too. The technical advantages of hosting a blog include a stable communication platform, channeling quality content through multiple social media platforms, real time analytics and in filtering the prospective consumers.

Web Development

Every architect needs a prior sketched plan before he starts with the construction, similarly, we work on engineering the structure of your website in creative accordance to your requirements before proceeding to work on your site. Ideally, a website should reflect the nature of your business and we help in providing you with the correct professional touch for effective navigation, web design and layout. Responsive web design has given way to a lot of changes in the design industry. There is more to  responsive web designing than just arranging the layout. The design should be such that it does not affect the website when viewed in different browsers and screens. Much has been debated in creating a reactive website design, one has to decipher ways to develop the best responsive website. No matter what the industry is, a website plays a crucial role in garnering new customers. From small businesses to large corporations, a good website is the right tool to make a lasting impression on the clients. It is quite essential to have an attractive, functional, and intuitive web presence to stay ahead in competition.

Connect with us and sit back and observe the presence of your business take a steady shape online. To know more,  do have a look at our blog on and visit our website at 


Make Your Web Presence a Success

In today’s market, the key mantra is to be noticed to sell. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to adapt strategies that will boost your business and make your success a reality.

I Knowledge Factory, India is a professional digital media solutions company that offers some of the best services. We specialize in designing creative and scalable interactive websites that garner the maximum leads. We create state-of-the-art customized web design according to the clients’ choices and requirements. Offering quality services with a personal touch, our websites are second to none in the market. Our features include the latest design tools and website technologies that will help bring the desired result. Up-to-date in our work, we deliver optimum results in a short period.

web presenceA quality web design is a valuable investment which will generate high ROI. It helps establish a strong online presence in today’s competitive world. Building a website around the brand with professional design will make it stand apart from competitors. The website will also have longevity due to its uniqueness and proper planning.

We understand that just like an individual, each website has its own style, personality, and requirements. Hence we offer custom website design that suits your needs and budget. With the right tools and strategy, our dedicated team of professionals uses proven techniques to develop customized web applications for any business, regardless of size. We also provide an array of website designing services apart from SEO, PPC, and social media marketing to help any individual or new business to enhance their presence online.

If you are looking for an affordable, professional, and reliable company, then look no further. Contact us for a custom website design and enhance your web presence. With our every possible attempt and effort you can avail proper recognition and growth in the market.

Importance Of Having a Website Checklist

SEO is the most talked about topic and most may be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of it. But there are still a lot of things that businesses need to concentrate on and avoid committing certain mistakes that can affect one’s website rating adversely. However before one sharpens one’s skills and understanding of Digital marketing its always good to follow some basic rules of website designing itself.

There may be several companies that provide SEO services in Pune, however not all excel in web designing and development. Out of the crowd, I-Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd is one such digital brandvertising company that specializes in various digital services. But since web designing has always been our core business we can never go wrong in the basics.

Just as SEO needs specialization and an SEO checklist; a similar principle for creating a website is followed here at IKF. Our competent team usually begin with a brainstorming session once we get the brief form the client. Most of the decisions on the basic look and feel and content strategy may happen at this time. One of the major contributor towards making a great website is great research. We do not proceed without a strong research where-in, we identify and recognize the best trends in the market and what needs to be done to make our clients website have a competitive edge over others.           

Defining the mood of the site at the initial stage, helps conceive the rest of the planning. The mood of the site helps decide whether the look and feel will be loud, corporate, minimalist, fun, funky etc. Colors and the overall aesthetic look of the site is decided at this stage. While deciding the layout and navigation of the site we always keep the target audience in mind.

Apart from the above, we define a specific work process and schedule that streamlines the entire project and helps us complete it well within deadlines. We always lay special emphasis on content management and consider it as one of the most important factors to make a website successful. After all the above factors fall in place, only then do we proceed with the execution.

Hence just like an SEO checklist for a website helps the SEO strategy and the results tremendously, a website design checklist assures that the end result is nothing less than the best.

Being Web Wise

Alpha Andromedae

Alpha Andromedae (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having a website is the first step towards making your presence online. However it is just the beginning of a long journey of competition and using various techniques to survive online. Digital Media is the latest and a fast growing stream and hence a website today is not only about appealing graphics and information. Creating a website is itself is a step wise strategic process; one that comprises of several factors right from the mood of your site to content management.

A web site conveys much more than an aesthetic sense and choice of graphics. It’s all about excellent content, utility, user-friendliness  UX and more. I-knowledge factory the pioneers in web designing, development and digital media follow certain protocols and in fact have a customized website designing checklist before actually creating a website. This helps the clients immensely to fulfill their core objectives of having a website with effective results.


Deciding the objective of the web site sets the rest of the plan rolling. Whether you choose to do your website yourself or you choose to get it done from an expert it is very important that your objective is clear and you know your target audience very well. IKF defines the objective and draws on a strategy that includes several elements. Out of which knowing your audiences well can help you decide the look and feel, the choice of colors and the overall tone of your website. Hence setting an objective is one of the foundations of any web site designing checklist.

Look and Feel:

We at IKF have several brain storming sessions when it comes to planning out a workable strategy for our clients. The mood of a web site is often set at the foundation level. Whether the mood would be classy, corporate, fun, crazy, funky etc. helps decide the further look and feel. Colors and graphics are also decided at this stage.


Deciding the layout and even the navigation from the target audience’s point of view is important. We at IKF consider the factors like how would the users want to explore the site. This helps define the navigation of the website too. Deciding the layout as per the usability is a wise way to go about it.


Content was hardly considered an important part of a websit

English: WikkaWiki's logo from the project's w...

English: WikkaWiki’s logo from the project’s website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

e by many web designing firms in India; until recently when people have started to realize that content is indeed a crucial element in the digital world. We believe content decides the overall intelligence and approach of the website.

Hence other factors like adding e-commerce facilities and other things can be added as per the requirement. However no matter what the requirement, we strive for perfection when it comes to designing outstanding websites for our clients.

The Basics of Web Designing

There is much more to designing a website than technical aspects such as coding and new layouts. In order to create a successful and profitable website, a proper plan must be designed and executed.

A website is the virtual window of your business. The first step while planning for the website design is to determine the aspects that can be viewed on the webpage. Based on your requirement you can create a website to build your brand name, provide an online application or sell your products and services. After deciding on the purpose of your website, you can go ahead and design a website based on your business goal. There are several well-known companies that provide web design services. Mentioned below are some pointers that will assist you in choosing the best design for your website.

website designing India

  • Designing the Site Based on Your Purpose
    Before designing a website, you should determine the budget, so that you don’t have to spend a lot. Also determine if your website will be a long term or a short-term project to promote your business or product. In long-term webpage, you may have to design places to allow new content and updates to go into the site. On the other hand, in short-term strategy, you just need to make sure that the website contains all the necessary information. Based on your site’s preference the designer should be informed of the site’s design and purpose, accordingly.
  • Incorporating Your Marketing Strategy
    While designing incorporate details of your marketing strategy such as your target audience and planned method to promote the website. Once the site has been designed, include the codes and keywords that will help improve your website’s ranking.
  • Clean and Captivating Layout
    Your website’s layout should reflect your business strategy and be user-friendly. It should be designed to attract your target audience. Keeping your website simple which has easy navigation and is usable for the viewers will garner more users. Having a sitemap will make it easier for users to navigate through your site, in case you are planning on a larger site. You can also incorporate responsive website designing techniques to make your website more attractive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a good strategy that can be used while designing a website. This will help direct traffic to your website and enhance your ranking in search engines.

These were some methods that should be kept in mind in order to direct maximum traffic to your website. Responsive website designing is the current trend, these days to create attractive websites. You can also use social media strategy to drive traffic to your site.